Crypto-Native Commerce

The next generation of merchants and customers on a community-run ecosystem built with integrity.

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Integrate your shop with the new economy, leveraging verifiable reviews, NFT-controlled stores, collective purchasing by DAOs, supply-chain transparency, provenance, and more.

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Build your own user interface, open source client, relay, or feature tailored to your vision and contribute to a new DeFi ecosystem grounded in the physical world.

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The Mass Market protocol is distributed and participatory. Shops can run their own relay or delegate to a trusted third party in a networked infrastructure with competitive hosting.


Meet the team, learn about the project and try out the Mass Market app. Buy crypto-themed stickers, posters, and more with any ERC20 token!

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8 Jul - 11 Jul, 2024

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Frequently asked questions about Mass Market

What is Mass Market?
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Mass Labs is on a mission to make crypto currency again! Our goal is to ground crypto in the real world, and connect the potential of DeFi to the market for physical goods. To achieve this, we are building Mass Market: crypto-native, non-custodial, open source commerce infrastructure for physical goods.

As a team we have a long history in the Ethereum community and the wider open-source p2p space. Our founder previously created ethereum.js and Primea, and between us we have worked on projects including Dfinity, IPFS, Secure Scuttlebutt and Interfacer.

How does it work?
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Mass Market is a protocol that enables sellers to create a crypto-powered online shop. The shop’s inventory is hosted on a decentralised network of synchronized relays, and payment is processed through a smart contract that accepts any ERC20 token.

We aim to cultivate a robust ecosystem of innovative applications built on top of the Mass Market protocol. For example, builders can develop aggregation apps to curate shops into multi-vendor marketplaces serving a variety of communities.

However, shops will always own all of their data, and participants in the network can freely choose who they want to collaborate with. This mutually beneficial and data-sovereign relationship decouples the hyper-intergrated landscape of web2 ecommerce and redistributes ownership back into participants’ hands.

Why do we need a blockchain for this?
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Blockchain technologies and the decentralised infrastructures they facilitate offer participants in an ecommerce ecosystem new features that are not possible without them. These features redistribute power, agency and ownership away from centralised corporate hands and back into the hands of users.

However, online commerce is a storage and transaction heavy industry and we are not mad enough to store everything onchain! What goes onchain is only what is necessary to benefit from the innovative features that a blockchain affords. These include:

  • Digital sovereignty: offchain ecommerce marketplaces own user data and relationships and can lock out users at will. With a blockchain-based ecosystem, buyers and sellers own and control all of their data and cannot be shut out of their listings, sales and purchase history or funds.
  • Provenance: verification of supply chain integrity and brand authenticity both become possible with the blockchain.
  • Fractional ownership: of both stores and products, which can become collectively owned or collectively purchased, with proceeds distributed algorithmically.
  • Token-gating: access to exclusive content, events, rewards, and more for creator and seller communities.
  • Composability: corporate ecommerce marketplaces suffer from platform risk and can lock out ecosystem developers at will. In a protocol-based and user-owned ecosystem this risk is removed. Creators can build any number of applications on top of the protocol, such as aggregators, affiliate links, verifiable reviews and more, creating a rich ecosystem upon foundations that they own.
  • Affordability and innovation: the data-sovereignty afforded by a blockchain will eliminate lock-in and its associated sky-high take-rates. This means more of the proceeds can go directly to creators, sellers and developers using and building out new features for the protocol.
How do I get involved?
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Participate in research

We need your input! We are building for you, and we would love to hear what you think, what you need, what is most important to you, and what you would like to see.

  • Are you a seller? Do you (or someone you know) own a small business, and sell things - or would like to - online?
  • Are you a buyer? Do you like to buy things online, and would like to buy them with crypto?

Then get in touch - send us an email. There are a tonne of ways that you can help us figure out what features to prioritize, how to optimize the token dynamics for a progressive and sustainable ecosystem and how to improve the UI. Whether you have 5 mins to spare or can share several hours of your time we would love to hear from you.

Become an early adopter

Curious to try it out? Connect with us at upcoming events and use our point of sale app to buy a crypto souvenir! Not got a ticket? Then sign up to our newsletter so we can hit you up when the Mass Market test-shop is launched online. Grab a whole array of Ethereum-themed stickers, plushies, magnets and brain-twister puzzle kits directly with crypto on our online test store.

Build something!

Are you a software developer or ecosystem builder? Then keep your eyes peeled. By end of summer we will open-source our codebase, and next year we will open the doors for developers to build all kinds of applications, integrations and plugins to flesh out the ecosystem, or run relays for hosting online stores.

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